skypeSkype is a free software program that uses voice over IP (Internet Protocol) technology.  Skype allows users to make free “phone calls” and instant message other users all over the world using the Internet.

Atomic Learning offers step-by-step tutorials for learning how to use Skype.  Bryan ISD teachers, please send me an email if you need login information.

Ms. Ward, author of the Teacher Et Cetera Blog has provided the following ideas for using Skype in the classroom:

  • Connect your class to virtual penpals
  • Help students hear native speakers when learning a foreign language
  • Collaborate with another class on a joint research project
  • Bring authors into your classroom via Skype, Skype an Author
  • Learn about another culture by connecting students to a classroom from that culture
  • Learn about geography from students living in an area you are studying
  • Bring professionals from your content area to “speak” in your classroom
  • Conduct interviews
  • Study the same book with another class and hold web book talks

More ideas can be found on the following sites:
Around the World with 80 Schools Skype Project
50 Awesome Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom

The Skype in Schools Directory is a good place to start to find other teachers to connect with.  Make sure to add your Skype username and location so teachers can connect with you, too!

SkypeMe mode allows all Skype users to see that you are available and interested in talking or chatting.  This includes people who you do not know that can find you by searching the Skype Directory.  SkypeMe mode disables your privacy settings and allows anyone to contact you, whether you have authorized them or not.  I recommend that you not be in SkypeMe mode when using Skype in the classroom.

More Tips for Using Skype in the Classroom

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