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jigsaw planethttp://www.jigsawplanet.com/

Jigsaw Planet is a site that makes it simple to create custom online jigsaw puzzles.  Just upload a jpeg image to the site, then choose how many pieces you want and what shape you want the pieces to be.  You instantly have a custom interactive puzzle for your students to play.  Create your own account and save the puzzles, share with students via a url, or embed them on your class website.

Upload a picture of a new topic to engage students and peak their interest.  Or, let students create their own puzzles!  They can upload their spelling or vocabulary words, math facts, maps, and more.  This is a great tool to use with a SMART or Promethean Board!

Tips:  Open a Word document, PowerPoint, Kidspiration, etc. and type the information that you want students to see (for example, spelling words).  Take a screenshot of the document or presentation (command+shift+4 on a Mac).  The screenshot picture will be a jpeg file on your desktop.  Upload that file to Jigsaw Planet.

Click on Advanced Settings to set the difficulty level, shapes of the puzzle pieces, and whether or not you would like the pieces to rotate.

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